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Normes photos pour hôtesses et stewards personnel navigant commercial

Normes photos pour hôtesses et stewards personnel navigant commercial

Qatar Airways Cabine Crew #photo #requirements

General Guidelines for ALL photos

 Photos should be jpeg format, ideally an original digital picture rather than a scanned photo.

 Photos should be of sufficient size and quality to print clearly at A4 size.

 Photos must be taken with a solid light blue background always, with no graduation in


 Use sufficient background lighting, and be careful of shadows that may make parts of an

image difficult to see.

 If possible, always use a professional photographer or high quality home camera. The vast

majority of phone cameras are not suitable for this purpose.

 Photos of our face should be taken with the camera at approximately face level.

FULL LENTH PHOTOGRAPH (Required for all candidates)

 The frame of the photo should comfortably capture your whole body.

 Do not wear colour contact lenses or glasses.

 Iron your clothes. Make sure that your clothes are wrinkle free and blouse is tucked in


 Stand with your feet and legs together, shoulders square to the camera, facing forward, back


 Keep your face pointed directly at the camera, with your eyes slightly to the side of the flash.

Do not tilt your head up or down.

 Both ears must be visible in the picture.

 Keep both arms relaxed at your sides with palms facing in, lightly against your body. Feel

confident and comfortable, with good posture.

 Smile warmly and naturally with your lips open. Do not raise your eyebrows unnaturally or

overstress your face.

 Be careful not to squint or blink.

 You may find it useful to review QR Cabin Crew Grooming Guidelines for Trainees at this

point. It may help you understand the aesthetic that you should maintain in your photo.

Grooming Regulations:


 Wear a short-sleeved blouse (mid-arm length) with a fitted/pencil knee length skirt that

covers your knees.

 Do not wear scarves, turtle neck, or other accessories covering your neck, head or face.

 Be careful of white or transparent blouses.

 Wear minimal accessories, a simple watch and stud/pearl earrings.

 Wear closes toe strapless shoes.

 Do not wear stockings.

 Hair smooth and neatly parted on one side then pulled back in a bun. Hair should sweep

over your forehead from side partition. Do not cover forehead.

 Make sure you use clean, appropriate make-up in natural or near natural colours. Be careful

of heavy application on your eyes or lips. Make sure face make-up blended into your neck.

Avoid shiny eye make-up/avoid smokey eye make-up.

 Red / Pink lipstick (Matt).

 Business suit, shirt and tie.
 Neatly shaven.
 Hair should sweep over your forehead from the side partition.
 Ideally, take a passport photo at the same time as your full length photo. This way the 
clothes and grooming will be consistent.
 Keep your face pointed directly at the camera, with your eyes slightly to the side of the flash. 
Do not tilt your head up or down.
 Both ears must be visible in the picture.
 Warm, natural open smile. Do not smile too widely. Do not raise your eyebrows unnaturally 
or overstress your face.
 As we are interested in both your health and appearance, please upload photographs of all 
marks or scars appearing on your arms, legs, hands, chest, neck and face. Please upload a 
photograph of each tattoo on your body.
 If there are relevant comments to make about a scar or mark (ie. Recent injury that will 
fade). Please print the photograph and write your comment on the printout before 
 If your scar is related to surgery or involves a medical history, make sure that the medical 
reports are uploaded to the required attachment as well.
 If you are injured or tattooed after your photos are submitted and approved, please contact 
Recruitment Services so they can liaise with you to add new images to your file and discuss if 
any additional process is required.

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